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We've released a new dev log to show off our shiny new studio branding! Following is a transcript of the contents of the video :

William Somewhat here, co-founder of Somewhat Software, and welcome to our newest dev log. We’re about to celebrate our first year as a business entity here at the studio, and it was high time we got ourselves a professional visual branding.

The image we previously used was something I made real quick back when I started solo in 2017. It emphasized the name Somewhat with some VHS noise and…that was that. Not very deep, not really thought out.

So we hired professional help to create a new visual for the studio. Introducing our new friend, Dave. Dave is a made up animal, inspired by the jackalope cryptid, representing the unreal-looking but well-dressed bizarreness of our work. It is named after the Daves we love, Lynch and Cronenberg. Say hello to Dave!

The typographic logo needed a similar touch, something simple, classy, yet a little dangerous. Inspired by Saul Bass’s work on the Psycho intro credits, we wanted a slashed but readable logo. The colors are an unusual choice for a studio making horror-themed experiences, and they reflect our stance making unexpected, alternative games.

Finally, our motto, “We make playable midnight movies” spells everything out. We want to inject each of our projects with the same emotions felt while watching weird underground metaphorical midnight movies. And at the same time, we want our games to be approachable, easy and simple to reach a wider audience, hence the ‘playable’ part of it.

This is the final big piece of news we had to share for 2021, but we are very excited about next year, with a lot of cool announcements to make in early 2022. I mean, you’ve seen the screenshots, right? Wanna know what they’re all about? Stick with us, and we’ll show you.

See you all real soon under a full moon.

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