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Hello, my name is Danny Something.

Writing on this site is weird to me, since I’ve seen it several times in the past while looking at my longtime friend’s brilliant games for the past four years or so. We’ve known each other for more than 20 years now and we always had this creative connection through many, many projects that went from electronic music composition in our youth to some recent years Youtube cinematic comedy content.

While we often discussed about our respective projects in the past five years or so (I used to write and draw my own short psychological horror graphic novel online under the name of Dreamlike Comics on my free time), we never seriously thought about plunging in the business world. William was fed up with his full-time job, but I thought that mine was fulfilling enough. Until… 2020 happened.

The year that changed everything

For more than 10 years, I’ve been working in the 3D modeling field (especially in the 3D simulation kind of jobs for all kinds of clients) and suddenly, 2020 brought its pandemic hammer to crash the party. Like so many people, I lost my job and had to re-evaluate everything in a matter of days. Then, while talking with William, we realized that this situation was, for us, an opportunity in disguise.

For me, starting a video game studio with my longtime friend in order to create horror games was a no-brainer. I knew that we had to give it a shot. Being a horror fan like William and sharing so many references in our discussions (while being avid gamers on our free times), it was a natural evolution for me to try this risky move with him.

What the future holds

Like I said earlier, I thought that my full-time job was fulfilling, but I realized afterwards that it wasn’t enough for me. I needed something more. Starting a new business is a challenge that give me a sense of purpose, as well as a new insight on creativity itself: we are building our own job, which can be overwhelming sometimes, but exciting nonetheless.

While William is the face of Somewhat on the social media scene, I am the kind of guy who prefer being low-key and work behind the scenes (task organizer, 3D modeling and many, many things). I will sometimes write on the site though and share with you all about the evolution of our upcoming projects. We are very excited for the next game, and I hope we will be able to communicate the passion in those future blog posts!

So stay tuned, as we will be back with cool news in the near future.

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