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Money. (Or how to deal with it)

This is absolutely the best image for 'Money' we could find.

Last week, we completed our business plan for Somewhat Software.

We worked hard on this one and we had our doubts along the way, especially after the release of I Make Saints, which was an interesting event, to say the least. Even if that event shook our idealistic cages in a hard way, it was a wakeup call that was necessary on many levels. It also reminded us of the most wanted resource on Earth…

Money. (Welcome to reality)

Me and William are not money people in the basic core of our personalities. We were always in the creative field in any shape or form throughout our past projects. Doing something for the love of art is inspiring, and it elevates imagination to new levels, with the only limitation of resources where your life doesn’t depend on it.

When you start a business, the matter of money comes in quick with a note on its bills: “Welcome to reality, kid. You need me.”

Survivor instincts can kick in pretty quick and when it does, your perspective change drastically. You become aware of your own life, like a hunter seeking food to survive: you learn how to get resources and quickly adapt so that you can stay afloat. Forget your past visions of things on that end, because what matters is how much money you can get in order to be able to live well by yourself, doing what you love.

While it is important to find ways to get paid, remember who you are in the end.

Money. (Why not a handshake?)

Balance, I think, is everything. Yes, money is crucial to survive. Yes, a video game company needs a good amount to stay afloat. However, there is a way to do this with the respect of the players in mind, to do our best to give our all and be transparent about it, while being creative. Business is business, but art and creation remain the core of the reason why people want entertainment in their lives.

Writing the business plan challenged us on what money represents versus our idea of creativity, in a way. This necessary step brought us to a new understanding of what we need to do: use business AND creativity. As simple as it may be for some people, when you always think creatively, making money can be a very distant idea in your mind. We are learning a lot from our experience and it is only the beginning.

Believe me, we still have a LOT to learn.

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