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Plans for world domination : 2021 Edition

We figured we've left you all in the dark long enough. It is time to reveal our plans for the rest of the year 2021. Here is the roadmap for the coming months, at least how we see it, if everything goes according to plan.

A sneak peak at a modification made to The Shape On The Ground's map.

Re-releases And Steam Editions

And that's basically it! Yup.

The plan is to revisit the games of our past, revamp them, do a thorough fix of the known bugs and console errors (correcting rookie mistakes made in 2017-2018, you know) and add some new content to each.

The work we did with I Make Saints is a good example of what we are planning to do with the rest of our back catalog. The game hasn't changed much, but contains a new environment, extending the original playtime to a few minutes more, and we fixed the issues we knew were there, and keep fixing the new issues found by Steam's diverse pool of players and PC specs.

We do this so we can rest easy knowing we're putting out the best possible version of each of those titles, and add a little incentive for fans to dive again in the stories they've already experienced once.

What's Next?

Anybody following us on social media will have noticed by now...The Shape On The Ground is our next planned re-release. What's going to change from the original version to make it into a Steam Edition?

Some additional dioramas are planned, as well as a reworking of the 'meta-narrative' of the game (about it being a psych eval software) into something less confusing and more player-friendly. This is currently being worked on and we are looking forward to share more of the new content with you in the coming days / weeks.

The Long Con

The idea is to have Steam Editions of The Shape On The Ground, SPEK.TAKL and the Please Duology out before Halloween 2021, so we can tackle the spooky season with the entirety of our catalog available by then.

Hopefully, some of the Steam Editions will contain cool surprises for long-time fans, and won't detract new players from what the original experience for each of the games intended. Because that's the biggest challenge with those re-releases : the original tone has to be kept intact through the additional content and the changes. I Make Saints Steam Edition feels quite consequent and fitting with its original intentions. The idea was to add another layer of complexity to its dark tale by allowing players to explore the unfortunate past of the protagonist, which was already strongly hinted at in the original. Which additions will be made to your favorite Somewhat Software game? What would you like to see? Let us know here or on our social media!

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